Friday, 30 September 2011

Ankh-Mordheim Town Cryer issue 9

Durin the Dwarf let justice be swift this past week. Despite losing a territory to the Kislevites of Gleb's Graspers, he immediately followed up with an annihilation of Goblin warband Snotbagg's Sneaky Gitz. In doing so, the Dwarfs took the title deed for the New Bridge and with it the entire Isle of Gods. Fortunately that means that he has also liberated the Town Cryer printing offices from the clutches of the oppressing Witch Hunter Valon.

Not only has Durin managed to retain his contract for the Patrician's Palace, he has also amassed more territory in Ankh-Mordheim than any other warband, enabling him to rightfully claim his place as the Head of the Town Guard. This means that no-one can dispute his position as the rightful, and justful, King of Ankh-Mordheim.

In his first act as King, Durin has stated that the Isle of Gods are to be used as a rest home for retired Dwarf warriors. Rumour persist that Joseph Bugman has agreed to set up a satellite brewery on the island, and that all greenskins will be outlawed from the city.


Congratulations Garry! You finish the campaign holding 14 locations, including the Patrician's Palace. This makes you the outright winner!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Ankh-Mordheim Town Cryer issue 8

The 'Thing' that has terrorized Ankh-Mordheim for the past month has finally been slain! The valiant Witch Hunters of Valon's Vendetta bravely sought out the beast this past week and tracked its whereabouts down to a location near Rimward Gate. There they encountered the dastardly Kislevites of Gleb's Graspers who had been struggling to battle against the 'Thing'. With a mighty stride towards the inhuman beast, Book the Flagellant swatted the pesky Kislevites out of the way and felled the beast with a mighty blow from his flail. Gurgling its death knell, the 'Thing' shot a temporary look of fear before vanishing to the otherworldly realm from whence it came.

'The Thing In The Woods' is now dead and so will no longer be used in all scenarios. Should players wish to play the special scenario the rules are included within, they may do so. Naturally the 'Thing' could re-materialize but for now its reign of terror is at an end. 

The honourable Witch Hunter Valon and his mighty warband of elite warriors have cleansed the scourge from the Isle of Gods and taken possession of it as their own. This includes The Dsyk, The Opera House and Psuedopolis Yard where the printing offices for this very fine publication is situated.
Dan's warband has claimed the Isle of Gods territories. Note that someone can still claim all of the territories from him by possessing the relevant bridges...

As reported earlier in our last issue Durin the dwarf, leader of Durin's Mob, won the Gladitorial Pit Fight to claim the contract to the Patrician's Palace and with it, the powers contained within. But since then several groups have begun to protest outside the Palace and cast forth aspersions as to who they think would be a more suitable Patrician. Rumours persist that Stikkum Gud, the leader of Skaven warband Haarchit's Harriers, is plotting to overthrow the would-be governer of Ankh-Mordheim. Meanwhile Gleb of Gleb's Graspers is looking set to be out of the running as his warband currently has no connection outside of the city. The outside shot, and potentially the best candidate for our long-term survival in Ankh-Mordheim is Valon, the Witch Hunter leader of Valon's Vendetta. With his incredible intelligence, supreme sword-arm and brilliant ballistics, he would be the natural choice to keep our streets safe once and for all.
For this week coming (week 8 of 9), ALL games fought in the campaign will feature 'The Thing In The Woods'. As soon as the Thing is slain, it will immediately disappear from all games currently in progress and the warband that laid the killing blow will be rewarded with all three Isle of The Gods locations!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ankh-Mordheim Town Cryer issue 7

As exclusively reported in the Town Cryer last week, The gladiatorial pit fight to determine the future Patrician of Ankh-Mordheim has recently taken place. It was perhaps fitting that the elimination tournament culminated in a final featuring the leader of two of the city's most dominating warbands. In the end, Durin of Durin's Mob got the better of Gleb of Gleb's Graspers. The handover of power is due to take place in two weeks time, and we can again exclusively report that the contract has already be drawn up. Undoubtedly though, the other warbands of Ankh-Mordheim will have something to say about this. Undoubtedly the Patrician's Palace and the contract within will be at the crux of the forthcoming two weeks' activities.

Just to confirm, Garry has won the Patrician's Palace location card. This location is treated exactly the same as every other location and so can change hands by losing games. If Garry wants to be a fighting champion I'm sure he'll be taking on all comers. If not, he stands a chance of missing out on also becoming the head of Ankh-Mordheim's Town Guard.

The leaders of warbands Durin's Mob, Gleb's Graspers and Haarchit's Harriers are leading the pack to become the Head of Ankh-Mordheim's town guard. At the time this issue went to print, these three warbands controlled two thirds of the city between them! Of course, there is still time for more warbands to contend as these three jostle for position before the handing over of the Patrician's powers. Who will step up to the plate?
Of the 41 city locations, Durin's Mob hold 11, Haarchit's Harriers have 10 and Gleb's Graspers possess 9. Remember, whomever holds the most location cards at the end of the campaign in two weeks time will become Head of the Town Guard and share victory with the Patrician. Unless, of course, the Patrician is the one who holds more location cards than anyone else. In which case, that individual will be declared the returning King of Ankh-Mordheim!

As reported earlier in this issue, interim Ankh-Mordheim Patrician Kenton Black is gearing up to hand over his powers to the new permanent Patrician. However, he still holds power for the next two weeks and he obviously feels he has some unfinished business in the city. In a bid to keep the people of Ankh-Mordheim safe, he has announced that the first warband to kill the beast that is roaming the city will be rewarded with the entire Isle of the Gods!
For this week coming (week 8 of 9), ALL games fought in the campaign will feature 'The Thing In The Woods'. As soon as the Thing is slain, it will immediately disappear from all games currently in progress and the warband that laid the killing blow will be rewarded with all three Isle of The Gods locations!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Ankh-Mordheim Town Cryer issue 6

The condition of Ankh-Mordheim's interim Patrician has significantly worsened over the course of the past two weeks. What was originally believed to be a bout of the Galloping Trots induced by eating a dish from the Klatchian Take-away on Quirm Street. However, last week his eyes sealed closed with a strange secretion and this week his forehead has split open to birth a single large red eye! Rather than endure the embarrassment of being the victim of Valon's Vendetta and his band of Witch Hunters, he has immediately announced that the gladiatorial pit fight to take place this coming week, the winner of which will take over as Patrician!
It's here folks! The Gladiatorial Pit Fight that will crown one of us the Patrician! Full rules will be available very soon but suffice to say you'll need to play in order to stand a chance of winning the Patrician's Palace location card (and therefore halfway to winning the campaign!)

What a couple of weeks to be a Kislevite in Ankh-Mordheim! First they have their hideout mutate, literally grow a pair of legs and walk off. Then they shell out to purchase an expensive warhorse for the chariot race, only for their hideout to appear at the racecourse and devour their equine friend. Using his charisma, warband leader Gleb managed to convince the race organisers to let him enter the walking house into the race. He is reported to have exclaimed "come on, I've brought a chariot and a horse. It's IN THERE!" before going on to win the event! But now, with Patrician Black contracting his illness from a dish purchased from the Klatchian Take-away on Quirm Street, northeast of Five Ways, the spotlight is well and truly shining on Gleb and his men. Gleb has so far been unable for comment.

Astute readers will notice that issue 5 of this fine publication never reached the news stands. That is because after it went to print, the distribution cart went past the edge of Hide Park and has not been seen since! If anyone sees Edward, his cart, his mule and the thousand copies of the Town Cryer he had, could you please send him back? He owes the editor a Gold Crown...

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ankh-Mordheim Town Cryer issue 4

Following reports of a vicious abomination on the loose in Hide Park, the thing (or is it things?) has now been spotted in several more partys of Ankh-Mordheim, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake! Who can stop it?!
As per the rules in issue 2 of the Town Cryer, 'The Thing In The Woods' is now active at any battles fought at Hide Park, Apothecary Gardens, Five & Seven Yard and Apothecary gardens. Have fun!

Kenton Black, Ankh-Mordheim's interim Patrician is reportedly suffering from a bout of the Galloping Trots and is therefore unable to govern the city for approximately two weeks. The will have no bearing on the city as P'tang P'tang Ole Biscuit Barrel of the Silly Party will step up to the plate to govern things, such as the forthcoming chariot race, in his absence.

A further reminder that Ankh-Mordheim's chariot race is to occur this coming week. Many Gold Crowns and title deeds are expected to change hands as the balance of power in Ankh-Mordheim could indeed shift!
Remember, every warband needs to give up a territory. If they are unable to do so then they may have to "persuade" another warband to give up an additional territory on their behalf. Perhaps this could lead to someone getting fleeced? Or perhaps it could lead to very interesting pre-race battles in a last ditch effort to gain a territory to gamble? Who knows? All I know is that the third place finish gets 2 territories, second place nets 3 and first place grabs 4. Could Ankh-Mordheim be turned on its head?

Friday, 19 August 2011

Ankh-Mordheim Town Cryer issue 3

Interim Patrician Kenton Black may have put his faith in Ankh-Mordheim's warbands to protect us but many residents think a line has been crossed now that one of the Skaven warbands has taken over the Unseen University. Every building is now occupied by the mutant ratmen as are the three adjacent bridges. Relieving them of these territories is going to be a tough ask.

Eight would-be adventurers entered the dungeon. Only four emerged. And one of those was a prisoner taken by one of the other three! After handing over the salvaged artefacts and claimed gold to Patrician Black, the most successful quester was declared as being the Shaman Buggalugs from Night Goblin warband Snotbagg's Sneaky Gitz.

Interim Patrician Black has declared that gambling on the upcoming chariot race will be compulsory. Every warband must place bets on the winner of the race so there will be plenty of rewards for not only winning the race but also backing the eventual winner. Could we see some interesting developments during the race as alliances emerge and crumble?
By midnight on Thursday 25th August I need to know who wishes to enter the chariot race. The race is free to enter and all you require is a model to represent your "chariot". As previously discussed, any themed mode of transport is eligible, whether it has wheels, legs, tracks, wings, whatever. Every player needs to declare which one of their heroes is riding the chariot. Entering the chariot race is optional. However, betting on the chariot race is compulsory. By midnight on Saturday 27th August, I need to know from every player whom they are backing for the race. One location card must be surrendered by every player in the campaign (no more and no less) and an optional amount of gold (max bet of 50 GCs) may also be bet on any chariot racer(s) except the better (eg Will cannot bet on himself but he could bet on both Rich and Lee to finish in the top three). This will see a total of nine territories up for grabs for the placed finishes and gold to be won by backing the relevant finishes, even if you do not win yourself.

  • 3rd place nets two location cards for the chariot racer and a 2-1 return on GCs for everyone who backed him.
  • 2nd place nets three locations cards for the chariot racer and a 3-1 return on GCs for everyone who backed him.
  • 1st place nets four location cards for the chariot racer and a 4-1 return on GCs for everyone who backed him.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Ankh-Mordheim Town Cryer issue 2

No less than twenty seven corpses were discovered strewn amongst Hide Park earlier this week. The bodies were found mutilated and gorged with limbs ripped off and appendages missing. Eye-witnesses report a huge beast living amongst the trees and preying on passers-by. Unless you wish to be slaughtered like cattle, the City Watch suggest you do not enter the area.
Until it is killed, every game fought at Hide Park includes 'The Thing In The Woods' added to the warband opposing the owner of Hide Park for that fight only. Essentially Hide Park now becomes a "bad" territory everyone wishes to get rid of! The rules for The Thing In The Woods can be found on page 78 of The Empire In Flames book. It is vastly important that you note who, if anyone, succumbs to the Thing...

After putting his faith in utilising Ankh-Mordheim's warbands to protect the city, interim Patrician Kenton Black is now reporting that the mutated rats known as "Skaven" now control more of the city than any other warband. Rumours persist, however, that the Skaven actually comprise two separate warbands, however. Therefore the current dominating warband is still yet to be established. Latter reports from this week comprise a report from a trader at Maudlin Bridge with some of the ratmen scurrying en-masse across Maudlin Bridge and swamping a group of goats, slitting the throats of three of them. The traders report also included a preposterous statement that the goats were fighting back on two legs and wielding axes.

Interim Patrician Black has announced that he will be re-opening Ankh-Mordheim's Racecourse and that he intends to host a chariot race there. More details are to be announced in the coming weeks.
Week 5 of the campaign will see a multiplayer chariot race game where each warband may enter a "chariot". This is an opportunity for each player to form a unique model they wish to enter. Any themed mode of transport is eligible, whether it has wheels, legs, tracks, wings, whatever. The game effect for each chariot will be the same and it may seat any one member of your warband who will gain experience for entering. Territories and gold will be put up as antes with the winner(s) claiming the spoils.