Friday, 25 March 2011

Ankh-Mordheim Back story part 1

It had been four months since Captain Kenton Black and his men had arrived in Norsca. And it had also been the longest and most gruelling four months any of them had ever experienced. Fortunately though, it had also been one of the most enjoyable times in Kenton’s life.

Ever since going AWOL from the Estallian Navy, Kenton Black had been leading a life of Piracy. Together with his crew of the Indomitable, they forged a fearsome reputation off the coast of the Empire, with Kenton cementing his place as a Pirate Captain. Their three year reign of coastal terror snowballed with each successful haul of loot as they strengthened their ship with more and more armaments. “But a fish can only grow as big as the pond it is inside” claimed Captain Black and so he had his men set sail for the hallowed Northlands. Alas, it would prove to be his undoing, as not two weeks into their journey the Indomitable was beset upon by a Chaos warship, becoming completely obliterated in the process.

Captain Kenton black and his men who somehow made it to the lands of Norsca numbered only twelve. Of those, two died from Frostbite in the first week, and another lost his will to live and hurled himself onto a spear in the second month. Some managed to land labourer jobs in the seaport they found themselves in, whilst others became farm hands. But they all yearned for the day they could once again take to the high seas.

And now this Norseman sat opposite Captain Kenton had a proposal. Unexpectedly, the people in the Norse seaport had become the closest thing to friends the pirates had discovered amongst their years of pillaging. Perhaps it was the love of conflict or the alcohol-fuelled celebrations they had in common. Whatever it was, Kenton Black liked what this particular man had offered him. In fact he may even go as far as to say he trusted him.

The local Seer had rambled on about the alignment of the stars and how a city was never going to be the same again; something about fortuitous times and two worlds colliding, creating wealth beyond imagination. That’s where the seer was wrong, because Captain Kenton Black could imagine a lot of wealth. The proposition was a simple one; Black and his men would sail with the Norse Seamen and assist them getting into this city, this “Mordheim”. In return the Norsemen would assist in obtaining a new ship for Captain Black and his men. It really wasn’t a choice that needed to be made, it was more of a miracle from the Gods. But a man of Kenton Black’s disposition was never quick to reveal his feelings.

Captain Black downed his flagon of mead and shook the hand of the Norseman opposite as the tavern was filled with rapture.

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