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Ankh-Mordheim campaign rules

Ankh-Mordheim campaign rules
1.   Your warband must adhere to all the rules for starting a warband as found in the Mordheim rulebook (500 GCs) but you may only choose from the following warbands:
a.     Amazon Warband                     Averland Mercenaries               Beastman Raiders
b.     Bretonnian Knights                   Carnival of Chaos                      Cult of the Possessed
c.     Dark Elf Warband                    Dwarf Treasure Hunters                       Halfling Warband        
d.     Kislevite Warband                    Lizardmen Warband                  Marienburg Mercenaries
e.     Middenheim Mercenaries           Night Goblin Warband               Norse Warband            
f.      Orc & Goblin Warband               Ostland Mercenaries                  Pirate Warband           
g.     Sisters of Sigmar                                    Skaven Warband                       Tomb Guardians
h.     Undead Warband                      Witch Hunter Warband
2.  Before your first game, take the three location cards that are allocated to you by the campaign narrator. The names of these location cards are public, but the effects are to remain secret until used.

3.  During every pre-battle sequence, add the following:
1A          - The attacker may name any one of the defenders’ location cards to be the terrain the game is to be played at. The defender chooses a location card at random and places it face down on the table. Whoever loses the ensuing game loses the territory that their opponent chose.
E.g. Paul is attacking John. Paul chooses John’s Hen & Chicken field to be the location of the game and therefore a field is present on the battlefield. Paul then shuffles and fans out his location cards and John, picks one blindly and places it face down on the table. If Paul wins the ensuing game, he claims the Hen & Chicken field. If John wins he claims the random territory.

4.  After your first game, if your entire warband is fully painted, you gain an additional 25GCs after selling Wyrdstone.

5.  At the end of the last game to be played on Thursday 29th August, whichever player owns the Patrician’s Palace card will be named Patrician of Ankh-Mordheim. Whichever player has the most location cards in total will be named Ankh-Mordheim’s head of city watch. Only if a single player is named both Patrician and head of city watch may he then lay claim to be the returning King of Ankh-Mordheim.

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