Friday, 12 August 2011

Ankh-Mordheim Town Cryer issue 2

No less than twenty seven corpses were discovered strewn amongst Hide Park earlier this week. The bodies were found mutilated and gorged with limbs ripped off and appendages missing. Eye-witnesses report a huge beast living amongst the trees and preying on passers-by. Unless you wish to be slaughtered like cattle, the City Watch suggest you do not enter the area.
Until it is killed, every game fought at Hide Park includes 'The Thing In The Woods' added to the warband opposing the owner of Hide Park for that fight only. Essentially Hide Park now becomes a "bad" territory everyone wishes to get rid of! The rules for The Thing In The Woods can be found on page 78 of The Empire In Flames book. It is vastly important that you note who, if anyone, succumbs to the Thing...

After putting his faith in utilising Ankh-Mordheim's warbands to protect the city, interim Patrician Kenton Black is now reporting that the mutated rats known as "Skaven" now control more of the city than any other warband. Rumours persist, however, that the Skaven actually comprise two separate warbands, however. Therefore the current dominating warband is still yet to be established. Latter reports from this week comprise a report from a trader at Maudlin Bridge with some of the ratmen scurrying en-masse across Maudlin Bridge and swamping a group of goats, slitting the throats of three of them. The traders report also included a preposterous statement that the goats were fighting back on two legs and wielding axes.

Interim Patrician Black has announced that he will be re-opening Ankh-Mordheim's Racecourse and that he intends to host a chariot race there. More details are to be announced in the coming weeks.
Week 5 of the campaign will see a multiplayer chariot race game where each warband may enter a "chariot". This is an opportunity for each player to form a unique model they wish to enter. Any themed mode of transport is eligible, whether it has wheels, legs, tracks, wings, whatever. The game effect for each chariot will be the same and it may seat any one member of your warband who will gain experience for entering. Territories and gold will be put up as antes with the winner(s) claiming the spoils.

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