Friday, 19 August 2011

Ankh-Mordheim Town Cryer issue 3

Interim Patrician Kenton Black may have put his faith in Ankh-Mordheim's warbands to protect us but many residents think a line has been crossed now that one of the Skaven warbands has taken over the Unseen University. Every building is now occupied by the mutant ratmen as are the three adjacent bridges. Relieving them of these territories is going to be a tough ask.

Eight would-be adventurers entered the dungeon. Only four emerged. And one of those was a prisoner taken by one of the other three! After handing over the salvaged artefacts and claimed gold to Patrician Black, the most successful quester was declared as being the Shaman Buggalugs from Night Goblin warband Snotbagg's Sneaky Gitz.

Interim Patrician Black has declared that gambling on the upcoming chariot race will be compulsory. Every warband must place bets on the winner of the race so there will be plenty of rewards for not only winning the race but also backing the eventual winner. Could we see some interesting developments during the race as alliances emerge and crumble?
By midnight on Thursday 25th August I need to know who wishes to enter the chariot race. The race is free to enter and all you require is a model to represent your "chariot". As previously discussed, any themed mode of transport is eligible, whether it has wheels, legs, tracks, wings, whatever. Every player needs to declare which one of their heroes is riding the chariot. Entering the chariot race is optional. However, betting on the chariot race is compulsory. By midnight on Saturday 27th August, I need to know from every player whom they are backing for the race. One location card must be surrendered by every player in the campaign (no more and no less) and an optional amount of gold (max bet of 50 GCs) may also be bet on any chariot racer(s) except the better (eg Will cannot bet on himself but he could bet on both Rich and Lee to finish in the top three). This will see a total of nine territories up for grabs for the placed finishes and gold to be won by backing the relevant finishes, even if you do not win yourself.

  • 3rd place nets two location cards for the chariot racer and a 2-1 return on GCs for everyone who backed him.
  • 2nd place nets three locations cards for the chariot racer and a 3-1 return on GCs for everyone who backed him.
  • 1st place nets four location cards for the chariot racer and a 4-1 return on GCs for everyone who backed him.

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