Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ankh-Mordheim Town Cryer issue 7

As exclusively reported in the Town Cryer last week, The gladiatorial pit fight to determine the future Patrician of Ankh-Mordheim has recently taken place. It was perhaps fitting that the elimination tournament culminated in a final featuring the leader of two of the city's most dominating warbands. In the end, Durin of Durin's Mob got the better of Gleb of Gleb's Graspers. The handover of power is due to take place in two weeks time, and we can again exclusively report that the contract has already be drawn up. Undoubtedly though, the other warbands of Ankh-Mordheim will have something to say about this. Undoubtedly the Patrician's Palace and the contract within will be at the crux of the forthcoming two weeks' activities.

Just to confirm, Garry has won the Patrician's Palace location card. This location is treated exactly the same as every other location and so can change hands by losing games. If Garry wants to be a fighting champion I'm sure he'll be taking on all comers. If not, he stands a chance of missing out on also becoming the head of Ankh-Mordheim's Town Guard.

The leaders of warbands Durin's Mob, Gleb's Graspers and Haarchit's Harriers are leading the pack to become the Head of Ankh-Mordheim's town guard. At the time this issue went to print, these three warbands controlled two thirds of the city between them! Of course, there is still time for more warbands to contend as these three jostle for position before the handing over of the Patrician's powers. Who will step up to the plate?
Of the 41 city locations, Durin's Mob hold 11, Haarchit's Harriers have 10 and Gleb's Graspers possess 9. Remember, whomever holds the most location cards at the end of the campaign in two weeks time will become Head of the Town Guard and share victory with the Patrician. Unless, of course, the Patrician is the one who holds more location cards than anyone else. In which case, that individual will be declared the returning King of Ankh-Mordheim!

As reported earlier in this issue, interim Ankh-Mordheim Patrician Kenton Black is gearing up to hand over his powers to the new permanent Patrician. However, he still holds power for the next two weeks and he obviously feels he has some unfinished business in the city. In a bid to keep the people of Ankh-Mordheim safe, he has announced that the first warband to kill the beast that is roaming the city will be rewarded with the entire Isle of the Gods!
For this week coming (week 8 of 9), ALL games fought in the campaign will feature 'The Thing In The Woods'. As soon as the Thing is slain, it will immediately disappear from all games currently in progress and the warband that laid the killing blow will be rewarded with all three Isle of The Gods locations!

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