Friday, 30 September 2011

Ankh-Mordheim Town Cryer issue 9

Durin the Dwarf let justice be swift this past week. Despite losing a territory to the Kislevites of Gleb's Graspers, he immediately followed up with an annihilation of Goblin warband Snotbagg's Sneaky Gitz. In doing so, the Dwarfs took the title deed for the New Bridge and with it the entire Isle of Gods. Fortunately that means that he has also liberated the Town Cryer printing offices from the clutches of the oppressing Witch Hunter Valon.

Not only has Durin managed to retain his contract for the Patrician's Palace, he has also amassed more territory in Ankh-Mordheim than any other warband, enabling him to rightfully claim his place as the Head of the Town Guard. This means that no-one can dispute his position as the rightful, and justful, King of Ankh-Mordheim.

In his first act as King, Durin has stated that the Isle of Gods are to be used as a rest home for retired Dwarf warriors. Rumour persist that Joseph Bugman has agreed to set up a satellite brewery on the island, and that all greenskins will be outlawed from the city.


Congratulations Garry! You finish the campaign holding 14 locations, including the Patrician's Palace. This makes you the outright winner!

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